Freedom to choose…

Using a mechanism called Carrier Pre-Select (CPS) you can select, in advance, alternative communications providers to carry your calls without having to dial a prefix or install any special equipment on your premises. It works by subscribing to one or more CPS operator and choosing the types of calls they should carry (e.g. routing all national calls via one operator and international via a cheaper one).

ZevTech offer CPS resale services to businesses and all calls are billed through us, simplifying your communications strategy and offering great value for money.

Wholesale Line Rental

Wholesale Line Rental is a service BT is obliged to other communication providers. It enables ZevTech to offer line rental and calls to end users over BT’s local networks, meaning you no longer have to have a contractual relationship with BT for them to carry your calls; you’re billed solely by ZevTech. We offer fantastic rates that will have a huge impact on your monthly bills, and you don’t even have to be a BT customer. We can take responsibility for your lines with pretty much any supplier you are with.

If you still use analogue lines and ISDN and don’t want to switch to an alternative technology such as SIP trunks give us a call for a free bill analysis and to find out how your organisation can benefit from this service.