ZevTech supply equipment, design, install, and maintain LAN and WAN fibre networks. A recent deployment for a multi-tenanted office in Liverpool City Centre has provided a 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps) upload and download internet connection.

We also install fibre networks on greenfield sites, industrial estates, and sites with multiple buildings. Please feel free to contact us about connectivity and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements in more detail. You can get in touch using our contact form or alternatively ring us on 03333 230 009 (Liverpool) or 0207 428 8299 (London).

We deliver these connections and install the networks that support them using Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON).

What is GPON?

GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) is a revolution in local area networking!

Sometimes referred to as Fibre LAN, GPON is the future of local area connectivity. Using new, pliable fibre optic cables GPON can replace or even work alongside your current copper LAN infrastructure.

Most connections today are still using the same twisted pair copper they were 30 years ago. All variations from CAT3, CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6a, up to CAT8 are still all variations of the old twisted pair technology. Not any moreā€¦ GPON is the future of LAN technology.

The good news is the future is here and readily available. This new way of building network infrastructures will positively impact your business by:

  • Lowering capital cost.
  • Reducing power and cooling costs.
  • Optimising performance and security.
  • Reducing your environmental footprint.

The combination of these things means significant long term financial and environmental benefits.

How does GPON work?