Maximise your call centre’s efficiency…

A predictive dialler uses statistical algorithms and state of the art technology to maximise agents’ talk time by connecting agents when a call is answered. Research has shown that using a predictive dialler can increase the amount of time spent in calls per hour from 15 minutes to 45, an increase of 200%!

With our predictive diallers, you can:

Handle inbound and outbound calls seamlessly, including three-way calling functionality.
Automatically drop calls that reach answering machines before they are connected to an agent using the latest in answering machine detection technology.
Integrate with your existing databases, CRM, or other back office systems so your agents have the right information when they need it.
Automate your business processes and agent scripts to ensure your customers get a consistent experience every time.
Customise agent and administrative control panels further than just look and feel. We offer a wide range of customisation options for any business case.
Schedule automatic callbacks so you never miss an opportunity.
Record calls automatically for compliance, or quality and training purposes.
Allow your agents to connect and work remotely.
Play automated voice broadcast messages to your customers.

On top of these benefits we offer full training to agents and managers so you can call with confidence.

Guidelines and Regulations

All predictive dialler systems are required by law to meet Ofcom, Direct Marketing Association, EU, and Information Commissioner regulations and guidelines with respect to distance selling and nuisance calls. Our dialler systems are all compliant with the latest regulations and our dialler support team is here to help you stay within these guidelines while still maximising your potential sales.