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Fibre-optic Technology

Get your business running on blazingly fast fibre-optic networks with GPON. Replace your current copper network with fibre and drastically improve your network speed, capacity, and resiliency.

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Connectivity (Superfast Broadband)

Still using a standard broadband package for your business? From uncontended leased lines and EFM to fibre, we have excellent whole-of-market relationships to ensure we deliver the best connection for your business.

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Voice Broadcasting

Combine the speed and low cost advantage of email with the warmth of a personal call with a voice broadcast. They deliver a typically higher response rate than email and integrate perfectly with our predictive dialler products.

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Mobile Phones

With hundreds of handsets and even more minute, data, and text tariffs on the market, finding the best mobiles for your business can be difficult. That’s where ZevTech UK’s extensive experience and expertise comes in.

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When you need an enterprise-level communications platform, Podium is here for you. With unparalleled inbound and outbound functionality, seamless integration and desktop optimisation, you’d be hard pressed to find a better alternative.

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Predictive Dialler

Need to make and receive a large number of calls? From huge sales campaigns to reporting on agent performance, a predictive dialler tailored to your business could have a huge impact from day one!

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Calls & Lines

Still using ISDN? No problem. We can migrate your calls and lines and offer huge savings against standard BT rates. No connection charges, no minimum call charges, and best of all: no hidden fees.

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SIP Trunks

Route your calls via your broadband or leased line service using SIP trunking to make fantastic savings against ISDN. Say goodbye to maintenance contracts with a flexible, user-friendly SIP platform from ZevTech UK.

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SMS is now one of the most successful marketing channels available. Its reputation for positive results in comparison to other more ‘traditional’ marketing methods has led to its adoption by many industry leaders.

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