Reach further than ever before…

Statistics have shown that overall, text messages are seen and responded to positively at a considerably higher rate than email. On average, only 40% of recipients will ever even look at a marketing email. Compare this with a whopping 98% of recipients that will read at a text message within 5 minutes and the benefits are clear to see. 91% of adults in the UK admit to having their mobile phone within arm’s reach 24 hours a day.

SMS as a channel is both quick and reliable. Consumers receive a lot less marketing text messages than they do emails, resulting in less messages being perceived as ‘junk’, which in turn leads to higher conversion rates and more perceived trust between you and your customers. According to Digital Marketing Magazine, over half of consumers say they would be happy to sign up to an SMS loyalty scheme, and 9 out of 10 of those who have say they feel they have gained value from them.

Engage more effectively…

Today, consumers are demanding relevance and personalisation more than ever. While the research shows SMS is one of the most effective channels for reaching your audience, nobody benefits from irrelevant or poorly timed messages. We can help with providing intelligent filtering and personalisation to make sure your messages are seen by the right people, at the right time, with the right information.

Why use SMS?

  • It’s delivered directly to a device that people keep with them almost all day. This means your message, unlike an email, is hard to ignore. Nobody likes having an unread message icon on their phone.
  • It allows direct two-way communication. Use shortcodes (five-digit leased numbers) to give your customers an easy to remember way to make their interest heard, or a dedicated long number to reassure them they are replying to a standard rate number.
  • There are over 6.8 billion mobile phone subscriptions active worldwide. The internet has provided global communication on a scale never thought possible, but it still can’t beat the mobile phone.
  • Fewer people take their laptop or tablet on holiday, out shopping, or to events than take their phone. Real-time, location based messaging means your audience can always be targeted at the perfect time.
  • The average UK adult sends and receives 40 emails per day, with 1 in 12 receiving more than 100 per day. This means if your email is not responded to within an hour or two, it is likely to be forgotten. A text message is much harder to lose, meaning if someone is too busy to reply then and there, they are more likely to return to it later.
  • Marketing isn’t the only business application for SMS. Appointment reminders, delivery notices, order confirmations, and surveys are just some of the uses businesses are finding for text messages.
  • Like the many mass email services available, you can report on your audiences’ responses using state of the art tools and see the true value for yourselves.