Reach your customers with warmth…

A voice broadcasting solution may be the ideal way to generate new sales leads and increase business, send important alerts, updates, and provide promotions to consumers on a much greater scale than would be possible with manual dialling.

Using an automatic dialler, you can call hundreds of leads, clients, or employees simultaneously and spread your automated message. With instant ‘press 1’ transfers from interested leads, you can connect with the customers you want and allow your sales staff to spend more time on the hottest leads.

There are no contracts or start up fees, and with competitive pricing a voice broadcast may be exactly what your business needs. Other benefits of a voice broadcast system include:

  • It’s easily scalable to thousands of calls, so you can target a much wider audience at a fraction of the cost to hire more sales staff.
  • Includes real time tracking and analytics to keep on top of your data.
  • Integration with your dialler’s answering machine detection, and the ability to leave different messages for people and answering machines.
  • The ability to schedule the broadcasts, meaning you won’t bother your audience at unsociable hours.
  • Interactivity means you can extend the functionality of a voice broadcast to phone menus, automated surveys, and much more.
  • Best of all, there are no contracts or start up fees associated with the service.

As with all our telephony products, our dialler support team will be here to help and ensure your campaigns run smoothly, including setting up, running the campaign, staying within Direct Marketing Association regulations, and analysis of the results.

Get in touch to find out how a voice broadcast might be the right solution for you.